Beside-the-Press Granulator

WHITEPAPER: Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Beside-the-Press Granulator

5 Reasons Image by Cumberland PlasticsWhether for injection molding, thermoforming or extrusion, every floor manager knows that the waste materials generated can be significant. By grinding the plastic materials down to a size that’s similar to the virgin material, you can drastically decrease waste and use less of that new material in the process.

What’s the best type of granulator for your operation? In most cases, it’s a choice between a beside-the-press or central granulator. Considering the annu­al savings over many manufacturing runs, it’s vital that the right type of granulator is chosen based on your unique plastic processing operation, type of materials, labor, floor and storage space, and many other factors.

Although a central granulator configuration offers many benefits for those operations that are well-suited for that equipment, this white paper focuses on beside-the-press granulators (BTP). We explore the top rea­sons you might want to choose this type of granulator equipment for your plastic component waste, as well as other considerations.


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