Service Tips

Size Reduction Service Tips

  • Ensure all users and maintenance personnel are adequately trained on how to safely use and service each piece of equipment.
  • Dull knives in your granulator cause excessive wear and tear on critical components leading to very costly downtime. A sharp set of knives set to the proper gap always works to your advantage.
  • Dull knives, worn screens or non-optimal knife gaps can lead to excessive vibration and amp draw. This can also reduce the amount of reusable regrind back into the process, ultimately costing the plant money.
  • Amp draw can be monitored as an indicator of dulling knives for more predictable maintenance.
  • Vibration can be monitored as an indicator of dulling knives or imbalance.
  • Do not resharpen knives beyond their minimum height. Always replace knives when they reach the minimum height.
  • Periodically check the setting of your bed knife shields. Approximately 1/32” of the bed knives should be uncovered by the knife shield for film, and 1/16” for other materials.
  • Shredders can be periodically checked for dulling cutters. Most cutters can be rotated for a sharper cutting surface before having to replace.
  • Periodically inspect all safety devices for functionality
  • With any rotating machinery, it is always a good idea to periodically check for loosened bolts before startup.
  • If a jam is encountered, be sure the jam is cleared and the machine is cleaned out before attempting to restart.
  • Proper air flow is required to evacuate the regrind. If material is building up under the screen(s) check the setting of the damper, it may not be sufficiently open.
  • Proper drive belt tension is important for many reasons. Check the drive belt tension monthly and adjust according to the instructions in your operators manual.
  • Follow local lock-out/tag-out procedures as required.
  • When in doubt, call the professionals for help!

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