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Cumberland Featured Plastics

Plastics processors in many industries confront challenges every day. And Cumberland is right by their side, supporting their success with the most integrated and high-performing full line of size reduction equipment available.

Smart manufacturers rely on Cumberland for the deep expertise in plastics applications, helping them to get more from their production floor with durable & reliable size reduction equipment.

Granulator Lab Testing

Cumberland offers a full range of equipment available to test materials on in our New Berlin, WI Technology Center. We test your materials with our team of experts, allowing for a machine selection that is hand-picked for your application before you commit to a granulator.  Watch videos of test examples and sign up for your test at:

Cumberland Featured Injection Molding

Injection Molding & Extrusion

In the diverse and demanding plastic injection molding & extrusion industries, Cumberland provides complete, reliable support of success.

For production lines in automotive, healthcare, consumer products, packaging and other markets, our auxiliary systems are trusted to maximize scrap reclaim and turning it into usable regrind.

Cumberland granulators offer flexibility to configure equipment to meet different applications. Configurations include a variety of granulator sizes including Heavy Duty, Central, Under-The-Press, and Beside-The-Press that offer the capacity to reduce a variety of different plastic materials. Cumberland offers customizable options such as chamber geometries, infeeds, hopper styles, and discharge points that allow you to configure your system to meet your specific application needs.

Cumberland Thermoforming

Plastics Thermoforming

Cumberland offers a variety of thermoforming granulators & feedrolls that are ideal for inline processing of thermoformed scrap.

From crushing large cups and containers, to running edge trim, thin sheet, and web, Cumberland has solutions to meet your specifications.

Cumberland Blow Molding

Plastics Blow Molding

Cumberland Central granulators offer the ideal chamber geometry for processing blow molded scrap, allowing manufacturers to process larger parts through a smaller footprint. Large bottles & jugs, bins, baskets, and cartons can all be processed into valuable regrind scrap and then integrated back into your process, making your plant more sustainable in the long run.


Cumberland Featured Recycling

Plastics Scrap Recycling Process Equipment

Both plastics processors and dedicated plastics recycling operations count on size reduction and scrap/film reclaim systems from Cumberland.

You’ll find our equipment in facilities around the world, helping to decrease solid waste in landfills while reducing material costs for plastics operations. Cumberland plastics recycling solutions are well known in the industry for power, performance and durability.

No matter your industry, you’ll find that Cumberland is your source for plastic granulators, shredders, and more. Have a question? We’re here to help! Contact a Cumberland rep today.

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