Granulator Refurbishment

Extend the life of your investment through factory repair and refurbishment, bringing your equipment to near-new condition

The Remanufacturing Process

We completely disassemble your machine, inspect all components and either remanufacture or replace them as needed. Rather than simply fixing broken parts, we remanufacture or replace any part that could cause problems with extended use. OEM upgraded with safety features, your old machine’s production capabilities will be comparable to that of a new machine. And that’s no idle promise. Every remanufactured machine that leaves our factory is backed by a 6 month warranty.

Maximize Your Return On Investment

Today’s increasingly competitive marketplace makes remanufacturing an attractive alternative to purchasing new equipment. Since your remanufacturing cost is usually less than half that of new equipment, your investment payback is significantly sooner than with a new machine.

Delivering the right Cumberland part for your application.

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