Granulator and Shredder Safety

The size reduction of plastics is probably the most hazardous operation in the plastics industry. Unfortunately, it is the lack of knowledge of the machinery that can make working with the machinery a dangerous occupation. Rotary shears, densifiers, shredders and granulators are designed with two main thoughts in mind: the first and utmost is safety, the second is to design a machine that will do a job efficiently.

Granulators come complete with a safety switch that is connected to the cutting chamber to terminate its operation if it is opened while the motor is running to prevent a person from getting injured. At no time should anyone have to open a machine while it is running. Any adjustment to the knife or drive system should be made with the machine off and power disconnected. When a serviceman or a machine operator has to perform any kind of work on the machine, that person should shut the machine off and disconnect the power at the main power source for that machine. In most cases this would be the lockout box or disconnect. A padlock should be put on the box to be sure that the machine does not get energized accidentally. At no time should it be necessary for a person to put any part of their body into a granulator,.rotary shear, densifier or any piece of machinery. That includes climbing into a large granulator to free a jam-up or for cleaning purposes. The instructions for the machinery should be read very carefully. The warning label should be followed in its entirety.


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