Cumberland Introduces New Feedrolls for the Thermoforming Industry

Cumberland Introduces New Feedrolls for the Thermoforming Industry

NEW BERLIN, WI – Cumberland is proud to offer new equipment for the global thermoformed plastics market. Our new Versatile FRV & Edge Trim FRE Series Feedroll system features a wide range of capabilities for thermoforming scrap reclamation.

Application Flexibility

Versatile FRV Series Feedrolls are used in combination with a granulator to process sheet, film, web, and part imbedded sheet. The system is available in two versions, allowing the flexibility to run thin film or large draw parts up to 8” tall.

The Versatile FRV Series Feedroll system features a broad opening (up to 56 inches across) to handle the most challenging scrap associated with large thermoforming applications. This new design helps eliminate jamming or misfeeds when processing bulky scrap during startup.

Enhanced System Design

Building on best practices from current feed roll system designs, the enhanced Feedroll incorporates a host of additional upgraded features to improve overall performance, including:

  • Standardized Feedrolls: Made from carbon steel with knurled surfaces, the interchangeable feed roll design is cost-effective while maintaining strength and balance.
  • Self-adjusting strippers: Aid in sheet removal and help prevent material from wrapping around the roll. The design also features replaceable stripper blades to ease maintenance.
  • Drive system: Includes a 3hp C-Frame motor drive for a top speed of 125 fpm for faster scrap processing. The drive system also includes an adjustable duplex chain capable of reverse running to facilitate clearing scrap, and a spring-loaded tensioner allowing the chain to stretch by three percent – ensuring proper operations at all times.
  • Adjustable air cylinders: Built-in adjusters allow users to set the minimum roll gap to keep the two feed rolls from running in contact with each other.

Edge Trim Feedrolls

Cumberland’s Edge Trim FRE Series Feedrolls are used in combination with a granulator to process narrow strips of sheet. They can be used inline or offline from the thermoforming press, with the option to add multiple assemblies on a single granulator if your process creates more than one edge trim.

About Cumberland

Cumberland is a world-class manufacturer of size reduction equipment, providing a broad range of recycling equipment to the plastics and industrial recycling industries. Since 1939, Cumberland has been a trusted partner for safety, quality, and reliability. For more information, visit

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