Cumberland Releases Low Noise, Low Energy Screenless Granulator

Cumberland Releases Low Noise, Low Energy Screenless Granulator
Enhanced Compact Size Reduction Equipment Features Improved Knife Design and Flexible Install Capability

NEW BERLIN, WI (May 7, 2019) – Cumberland, the leader in size reduction equipment for 80 years, improves the S10 Series Screenless Granulator in its broad line of granulators and shredders for the plastics and recycling industries. Design improvements lead from the inside out. The screenless granulator offers a new staggered cutter design that produces consistent, clean regrind using less horse power. The machine’s low speed creates a quiet operation. Installation is adaptable to the production line with a versatile, 360-degree rotating vacuum take-off.

The staggered cutter design allows for energy savings while the hardened steel knives produce uniform size regrind with minimal dust or longs. Ferrous magnets prevent stray metal and protects the cutting blades. The S10 Series Screenless Granulator has a hopper with three windows offering instant feedback to monitor capacity without shutting down the machine. “Safety is enhanced with three interlocks to protect the operator from accessing the chamber during operation,” states Andre Adams, senior product manager of size reduction for Cumberland. Adams also points out minimal maintenance and service is a leading factor in selecting the screenless granulator, “These units are virtually maintenance free, effectively increasing production uptime. Material change overs are faster with additional access points to clean out the chamber.”

The S10 Series Screenless Granulator comes in four different models with additional options to fit your application sizing and throughput requirements. It is ideal for specialty applications such as reclaiming sprues and runners. The small overall footprint and light weight, portable design is ideal for injection molding and small piece extrusion processors. Options include electronic packages for bin level monitoring and knife configuration.

About Cumberland
Cumberland is a world-class manufacturer of size reduction equipment, providing a broad range of recycling equipment to the plastics and industrial recycling industries. Since 1939, Cumberland has been a trusted partner for safety, quality and reliability. For more information, visit

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