Cumberland Introduces T50 Series Granulators

Cumberland Introduces T50 Series Granulators

New Berlin, WI – Exceptional Regrind Quality. Ease of Maintenance & Safety. Application Flexibility.  Together those phrases comprise the backbone of Cumberland’s newly released series of central granulators. The T50 Series Granulators offer strong, versatile, and reliable performance. With a full range of size and design options to choose from, the T50 Series Granulator are the best choice for applications ranging from large injection or blow molded scrap, furniture components and appliance parts. The tangential design offers the capacity to process many types of scrap with improved ingestion at a lower power requirement, while the offset design allows for higher throughput of lower density parts. Energy efficiency paired with heavy-duty design and ease-of-maintenance results in a granulation system with a low total cost of ownership.

Exceptional Regrind Quality

The T50 Series Granulators have precision tolerance cutting chambers creating industry-leading regrind consistency and allows for smooth reprocessing. The T50 Series Granulator boasts a highly efficient Twin Shear™ design which reduces energy consumption and the overall cost per pound of output. The machine provides consistent regrind by using a rugged knife assembly with precise tolerance. Because of its heavy-duty rotor construction, the T50 Series Granulator rotating knives are fixed, allowing adjustment to take place at the bed knife. The high quality output makes it easier to utilize the maximum amount of recycled material in your process.

Ease of Maintenance & Safety

The T50 Series Granulators feature a wide open design to make regular maintenance easy and safe. Maximizing performance means limiting downtime for routine maintenance and making it swift, safe, and easy. The screens are reversible to be used longer, providing increased durability. A new rear hopper door is equipped with a zero speed locking mechanism and improved seal design. Locking the rotor is now as simple as the push of a button and access for cleaning is only possible when the rotor stops spinning. A new linear actuated rear cutting chamber door offers easy access for bed knife maintenance. These improvements enhance maintenance tasks by eliminating challenging processes.

Application Flexibility

Each T50 Series Granulator can be configured to a customer’s application with specialized hoppers, infeed designs, and evacuations options. These granulators are built to last and have the flexibility to process large volume parts, with the capability to grind higher density parts.  The tangential geometry processes larger parts though a smaller machine (such as water jugs, HDPE detergent jugs, trash bins, shipping cartons, etc.) and the offset geometry processes thicker walled and higher density parts (such as automotive parts, PVC fittings, thick plastic parts, film/sheet rolls, plastic appliances).  Both cutting chamber configurations are available with either a three or five blade rotor, offering the flexibility to optimize volume throughput.

Efficiency, durability and safety are the hallmarks of an effective granulation system. The T50 Series Granulators are designed to exceed the expectations of industry users.

About Cumberland

Cumberland is a world-class manufacturer of size reduction equipment, providing a broad range of recycling equipment to the plastics and industrial recycling industries. Since 1939, Cumberland has been a trusted partner for safety, quality, and reliability. Click here to see more information.

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