Feedroll FRC Crusher Series

Feedroll FRC Crusher Series Thermoforming Feedrolls

Cumberland’s new crusher series feedrolls are used in combination with a granulator to process tough to handle large draw formed sheet. The crusher series oversized knurled rolls were designed to crush and process the toughest products at high capacities. This product was designed with easy setup, reduced maintenance, and durability in mind — and it has the same enhanced product features as the versatile series feedrolls. Similar to our other feedroll product lines, the crusher feedrolls have the flexibility to be used on a variety of Cumberland’s plastic granulators to match your specific application needs.

Easy Setup & Maintenance
  • Self adjusting and easy to set up roll stripper prevents material from wrapping
  • Easily adjust minimum roll gap on air cylinder
Durable Design
  • New robust drive allows for reversing rolls in the event of a jam
  • End rings protects rolls from contacting and extends roll life
  • Smooth Rolls
  • Air cylinders apply roll pressure
  • 460/3/60
  • Custom Feedroll Infeed Chute (Muffler)
  • Custom Gear Reducers
  • Dancer Bar
  • Multiple Infeeds & Hoppers
  • Knurled Rolls
  • Custom Roll Widths
  • 208/3/60, 240/3/60, 400/3/50, 575/3/60
  • CE Compliant

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