Celebrating 80 Years of Shredding & Granulating 1939-2019

Celebrating 80 Years of Shredding & Granulating


Through 80 years, Cumberland is still the same pioneer of the industry started by Freddy Roddy in 1939. Mr. Roddy set the standard for our success by developing a company that values excellent customer service, using high-quality equipment and always looking for ways to innovate. Today, we celebrate the lasting legacy that Mr. Roddy began 80 years ago and look forward to the future of Cumberland as we continue to serve our customers as a trusted partner for safety, quality, and reliability.

History of Cumberland Engineering

Cumberland Engineering’s roots lie in Massachusetts, where our founder Fred Roddy, a plastics mogul, started the company. Mr. Roddy invented machinery that was used to granulate plastics. His business quickly expanded, and he moved the company from Pawtucket, Rhode Island to South Attleboro, Massachusetts, where the company remained until 2008.

Mr. Roddy passed away in 1969, but his family continued the dedication that was started thirty years earlier. Cumberland brand still carries the proven attributes of being rugged, reliable, and dependable in all our granulators and shredders. Cumberland eventually moved from South Attleboro, Massachusetts, to New Berlin, Wisconsin and showcases the capabilities of its shredders and granulators in a state-of-the-art technology center.

Built for a Lifetime

Roddy’s inspirations came when the world saw plastics evolving at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. Granulating plastics was born, and just like at the world’s fair, it has been evolving ever since. While there are Cumberland granulators from 1958 still in operation, our equipment has been re-engineered over the years to continually meet customer needs from safety and accessibility to versatility and cutting methodologies. We strive to produce exceptional, high-quality regrind to optimize resin usage.

Cumberland Today and Tomorrow

At Cumberland, we are proud of our history. Through 80 years, we continue to be a dependable partner for our customers. Reflecting on our history, there is a lot to celebrate and even more to be excited about as we continue to develop innovative solutions for all size reduction needs. We focus on generating high-quality regrind, maximizing the reuse, and cost-effectiveness of onsite granulation. We will continue to innovate and lead in the reuse, repurpose, and recycling of single-use and engineered plastics that continue to pave the way for a safer, healthier, and more sustainable future in North America and the world.

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