S10 Series Screenless Granulators

  • "We found that the S10 screenless grinder provides a quieter and cleaner shop environment for our employees."
  • "The quality of the regrind is more consistent with less fines/dust than a traditional beside the press grinder."

S10 Series

Cumberland’s S10 Series Screenless Plastic Granulator is known for its high quality regrind in sprue and runner reclaim applications. The S10 Series Granulator has a very low rpm speed rotor helping to reduce waste by providing clean regrind to reuse in your process, and allows for energy savings. Stainless steel parts clean up fast and reduce maintenance costs. This compact footprint plastic granulator will easily fit into your process flow.

Low Noise
  • Sound proof steel hopper results in less noise pollution
  • Low rotor RPM also contributes to less noise made within the chamber
Low Dust
  • Stainless Steel rotating blades produce uniform regrind size and minimize powder formation.
Question #2
Energy Efficiency
  • Newly designed staggered cutters allow for better torque distribution and consistent regrind, ultimately consuming less horsepower
Ferrous Magnet Protection
  • To prevent stray metal from being introduced into your process
Vacuum Take-off
  • Vacuum take-off can be rotated 360 degrees to simplify hook-ups
  • Small Overall Footprint
  • Quiet Operation
  • Less Energy Consumption (smaller motors with same or larger throughput capability)
  • Easy Maintenance and Access
  • Fast Cleaning
  • Improved Knife Design (Staggered cutter design for industry leading efficiency and regrind quality)
  • Superior Regrind Quality, with Less Dust Generation
  • Vaccum Take-Off Tube Can Be Rotated 360 Degrees
  • 3-Window Hopper
  • Ferrous Magnet Protection (To prevent stray metal from being introduced into your process)
  • Low Speed Rotor RPM in Conjunction with Superior Rotor Design Minimizes Dust and Produces Uniform Regrind Size

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