B Series Heavy Duty Granulators

Cumberland’s B Series Heavy Duty Granulators were made to meet even the most challenging of tasks. Whether you’re in need of a plastic granulator for low-density fiber or heavy purgings, our B Series Granulators can tackle your high-capacity size reduction needs. With several models and options to choose from, there is something to meet every need. At Cumberland, we believe that the toughest applications demand the toughest granulators. Our B Series Granulators are up to the task.


  • High shear rotor design maximizes every cut
  • Precision machined internal surfaces maximize material flow
  • Outboard mounted bearings reduce contamination risk and support maintenance
  • Multiple safety features built in every unit
  • Large scale processing of the hardest materials in the most challenging shapes
  • Tire recycling
  • Cast blocks and purgings, including ABS
  • Nylon, polypropylene, polycarbonate, acetate, and many more

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